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Re: GF1 vs LX3

Thanks for the links. I had no trouble telling which images were taken with the GF1 and which images were taken with the LX3. In some the GF1's shallower depth of field made it obvious, but even in photos taken at smaller apertures with more DOF the GF1 images stand out because they have more contrast... more punch in general. The LX3 images are a bit flat by comparison, but still good. I'm sure you can get more punch out of an LX3 image in post... I know I got some nice prints out of my LX2 despite the muddy pixels, but you can only do so much. And if you need to shoot above ISO 400 the GF1 is really going to shine.

Your timing is interesting. I just sold my LX2 a few hours ago, and I have a GF1 with 20mm on the way. Of course I had considered upgrading to the LX3. It is without a doubt an improvement over the LX2, but I really wanted something closer to my DSLR gear (which I will still use for planned shoots) and I knew the LX3 wouldn't quite get me there... at least not for what and how I like to photograph.


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