A Photo Of The New Nikon???

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Re: Where's The Fun In That? =:-)

Which program are you with?

I'm with the "I like Bob Krist's work a lot, and I'm happy to draw attention to his site" program. My comment "Get with the program =:-)" was a good natured way of saying "hey, don't take all this speculation stuff too seriously - we'll all find out about the new Nikon(s) soon enough". See the little smiley face.

In any event, Mr. Krist posted the comment on his blog, he's been around a while, he knows how things get noticed. This little thread was just for fun. I suspect he'd be amused by the mini-furor his comment created. The fevered speculation about the new Nikon(s) is funny and fun, and if his comment can add to the carnival, why not.

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