Another high ISO myth broken!

Started Dec 26, 2009 | Discussions thread
Tom Reynolds Contributing Member • Posts: 584
Re: Another high ISO myth broken!

tigrebleu wrote:

Of course, all this is when comparing the JPEG files. RAW noise is another issue altogether, since it depends on the RAW converter's noise reduction performance.

I do not think this is quite correct. The job of a raw processing program is to demosaic raw data into full RGBG data pattern. Noise reduction is a separate step which may be done by this same program OR after in PS or other noise reduction programs. I do not think that some raw processing software is inherently better at noise reduction so that a comparison cannot be made such that we can only talk about JPEG files. All noise reduction makes a compromise to resolution. Most give you the choice as to how much compromise you want.

The relative performance of a sensor with respect to noise should also be determined for raw file output and this result is even more important than for JPEG. It is just more difficult and time consuming to make an unbiased comparison. It does not mean that it cannot be done.

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