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BB and different locals

weezy wrote:

Sometime you have to use Best Buy. Wanted a new camcorder for daughter - local camera store that deals with DSLR - doesn't carry camcorders. Wolf does, but no selection. Circuit City, and CompUsa gone. Radio Shack and Office supply stores - no selection. Wanted her to play with the camcorders before she made up her mind.

Trouble with BB - some of the salespeople know nothing, they want to shove warranties down your throat and get annoyed if you don't believe the spiel, and they have THE GEEK SQUAD!! I've seen more complaints about that--

I wouldn't buy a computer from BB. A monitor, maybe. Unless it's a laptop, I prefer to get mine custom made by a local tech. At least, I don't have to wipe all the junk off.

As to buying most stuff locally - either the stores don't exist, or they only carry the most popular stuff. You have to order online if you want something in particular.

I'm not denying that your BB may be terrible, but Our local BB is great, so was our local CompUsa (gone now) - BUT our local Circuit City was (gone now) HORRENDOUS! their prices were high and their employees were predators! Even when they were having their going out of business "price slashing" sales, their prices were STILL higher than everybody else's in town!!!!

It was HILARIOUS! People (yes, me included) were literally walking in, going up and down the isles shaking our heads and walking out!!

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Rethink your last comment.

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