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hunk wrote:

bronxbombers wrote:

Nobody? I edit h.264 1080p in realtime :). So do others.

H.264 is a codec that uses (up to 16) frames before and after the frame that is being compressed to reduce bandwidth. Iow, when it compresses a frame it looks at other frames in the neighborhood so that it can find the best compression possible. And it works great. Compression is a lot better than with your average single frame compressor like motion jpg. It has a downside though. It is difficult to edit compared to a simpler codec. The info needed to show 1 frame is scattered over an amount of frames.

This is why the industry converts H.264 to another codec (mostly ProRes 422) before editing. It's lossless, only filesizes double to triple, but it's faster and more precise. With a decent raid HD you can layer and edit many, many layers in 1080p. H.264 is a lot harder on the cpu and less precise.

Btw, when I wrote 'nobody edits H.264' I meant the guys I know that earn their living being an editor. Of course it can be done but if time is money and if you need to edit 1080p frames then I would convert first. There are plenty of free tools for that job.

as I said, for basic editing like going through footage, cutting parts out, splicing together with basic transitions and adding music you can do it in realtime with a decent system without needing to waste any time or space converting to the sort of proxies you suggest, dont believe me? follow the steps and see for yourself....

the average person doesn't edit many, many layers at once

heck much pro stuff i see doesn't appear to be running too many layers at once for teh most part, although i don't know for sure, could be wrong

just strip off the nasty .MOV wrapper and their are fast codecs that will do it fine on a fast machine (even an AMD no need for a super, super-fast i7)

Strip of a wrapper from H.264 and make it quicker? I think you don't understand too much about codecs and wrappers.

you don't understand too much about how poor the Apple Quicktime decoder is on Windows systems! And PremierePro and VegasPro refuse to work with 5D2 files other than through the QT codec unless you strip away the .mov QT wrapper.

funny how it works fine for everyone who followed the steps in teh link....

A very fast 4 core machine may stutter even on simple playback of a native 5D2 file using QT codec and player and yet barely blip the CPU meter if played back with say PowerDVD which uses full HW h.264 decoding and multiple CPU cores (QT player and all it's codecs appear to use only 1 core on windows systems and don't make use of any HW accel at all).

On my 4-core AMD system with 8GB running W7 64bit, PProCS4 edits raw 5D2 files at about 1-3fps! If I strip off the damn .mov wrapper and let it utilize superior h.264 codecs it edits the full 5D2 files in realtime to start and even once you add transitions between segments it still often hits 30fps, if sometimes slightly slowing for a second near a transition, but not much of an issue.

I haven't done fancy stuff with tons of tracks overlaying eachother.

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