G9 LCD issues

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Re: G9 LCD issues

I also have a G9 and my lcd had this same problem, I eventually just got used to it. One day I dropped the camera by accident while on a trip. It ended up breaking the lcd display and at that point it was pretty much useless to me. I ended up using http://www.camerasandparts.com to get it fixed. They replaced it with a brand new lcd screen and they totally serviced up my G9. I also found out that many G9's develop a power problem where they just don't turn on one day. That site I used knew about that problem and they do some sort of correction to some screws somewhere inside the camera which I understood is where the problem comes from. If anyone needs help, that website is amazing and they just work on Canon Powershot problems, no other brands of cameras at all. My new lcd screen is perfect and no more of those annoying red dots,. That must have been a defect that some of the screens had which of course Canon fails to recognize.

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