Bigma 15-500 or 300 IS or 400 no IS

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You'll need the reach

Stephen Christie wrote:

I do framing by crop, since I'm usually so far away.

Your Prime Directive should be to get the longest lens that you can afford then (that offers the IQ that you require). Putting as many pixels on the subject as you can is paramount.

I have found IS to be very helpful but not a deal breaker I guess since I'm usually trying to shoot at 1/4000 for wildlife.

If that's the case, then IS will be of little benefit. Having IS though will open up new shooting possibilities for you in other circumstances.

I think I'm going to have a hard time deciding the 300 f/4 IS over the 400 5.6 no IS, since I will want to hand hold it often.

To tell you the truth, I never put my 400 f5.6L on a tripod. It's too restricting for how I want to use it. I always try to keep my shutter speed up and look for other ways to support the lens. There's always tradeoffs. I accept them.

For close critters (like around the parks), I do like taking along my 300 f4L IS due to its close focusing. F4 and IS do come in handy when the light gets lower too, although the 300 doesn't lock focus nearly as well as the 400 in low light (50D), so I usually end up putting both away at about the same time anyways.

The TC is something I'll try and my bodies can AF at f/8 with my TC.

Every body/lens/TC combination will AF differently (on a non-1 Series), keep that in mind.

It seems to me that if the TC or a 40D 1.6x doesn’t degrade image terribly, the 300 is better for me

Mebbe, if your other requirements are greater than the need for R-E-A-C-H.

Best of luck,

ps. There's another similar recent thread on the subject here, if you haven't see it yet...

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