Lens for travel/holiday with the D700 ?

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Re: 24-120


A travel lens is often seen in comparison a bit as a 'house wine' A good payable alternative to click away

Because travel photography is usually also a part of my income I mostly drag a lot with me for different circumstances. If I would use only FF and I have to use only one zoom lens covering 24 to lets say 100mm I would choose the 24-120 as well.

A ptiy the lens has such bad imago due to the use and reviewing on DX.

kdvsn wrote:

It's not a truly bad lens but it is a compromise in terms of image quality. A lot of people go for lenses like that when they travel but I never quite understand why. For me my travel photos are the shooting that is most important to me, so it would make no sense at all to buy a D700 and then leave my best optics at home.

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