50D - to kit or not to kit?

Started Jan 8, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Go here for lens recommendations...

Great suggestions! I really appreciate the help. Tough decisions lie ahead... I'm kind of leaning towards starting out with either of the kits, just because I'm such a novice. I am very tempted to buy an L lens, though. I'm sure that temptation is always there. And at some point I think I'll probably trade up for one, once I know what I need/don't need. It's all very exciting either way!

One last point and question. My wife and I will be traveling to SE Asia relatively soon, and we'd love to get some photos of people going about their everyday life, but we don't want to be intrusive and in their face (sounds voyeuristic, but it's not meant to be). Like if someone's weaving a tapestry, maybe we'd stand across the street and take a picture. So, question is this: what range for a telephoto will I need for this? Is the 28-135mm enough, or would the 70-300mm really help? I guess I'm wondering if I should just get the 28-135 and more of a wide angle lens, like the 10-22mm. But, then again, the 70-300mm lens seems to be a good deal, and that's always enticing too... Instead of it being $550 or so alone, it's about $300 when included in the kit. Thanks!

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