Why is D90 betten then D300s at DxOMark Sensor test?

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Re: Why is D90 betten then D300s at DxOMark Sensor test?

olyflyer wrote:

It's impossible to use pure sensor data. Unprocessed sensor data is just photo transistor data, totally useless, and can not produce displayable images without processing. If you take an image and have it stored on a card it is processed in some way, even if it is a NEF raw image. A/D conversion is already a processing step, even if it is done in an A/D converter.

FYI (for back reference for future reading of thread):

"Note that the raw data output from the imaging device, however, is recorded as-is. With raw data, it's as if the darkroom for development is right in your PC. The all-important technology that makes it possible to reproduce beautiful images is the Nikon Capture software featuring proprietary image processing algorithms"


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