exposure compensation indicator erroneously flashing

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exposure compensation indicator erroneously flashing

Hello everyone,

On my shooting information display (the small screen on the top of the camera), my exposure compensation indicator is lit and flashing all the time, even though I don't have any exposure compensation set (I've triple-checked). Also, my exposure display bar doesn't show my exposure, it's just blank except for one line in the center and one a little to the left (AS IF I had some exposure compensation set.) When I look through the viewfinder however, I see the display bar working correctly, but I also see that the exposure compensation indicator flashing as well.

To test it, I did go through and adjust the exposure compensation, and it does move those little bars on the exposure display bar, but I can't get it it to register NO COMPENSATION (even though when I press the button, it shows 0 compensation).

My Easy Exposure Compensation is set to OFF, and I use my camera in Manual mode. (although the problem exists no matter what mode I put the camera in.) I'm using firmware 1.10 (i think the most recent).

Any ideas on how to get this to function properly?

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