Yucks !! OlympusEP 1/2 not vegan ??!!

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Ted C. wrote:

"extremism" is allowed to flourish unchecked by our more thoughtfully educated. Look around at some of the more important issues of our time!

'How one responds to failure, not success, could be the better measure of character.'

The basic issue is who are the extremists here. A vegan with strong views on not harming animals and who believes our actions are damaging the planet. Or those that attack them and ridicule their beliefs, boasting about eating meat and making provocative comments to the OP, and labelling them as an extremist. Those ridiculing the OP have made comments about camera coverings made out of "embossed whale skin", "Ivory" and even human skin:

This is what UKJames said:

Hi There;

Didn't you know that the pieces you complain about are made from the skins of freshly slaughtered & tanned Vegans.

How much more Vegan could you get {wink}

and even this worse example from DVT80111:

The NAZI had the right idea

They used human skin for wallet, and human are never in short supply.

arh, just kidding.. don't take it too serious.

But it was okay because they were only joking, as if this is the type of thing you joke about. Only someone with extreme views would think this a joke.

In case you had noticed there has just been a big Summit on Climate Change. The UK government itself has recognised that the level of meat consumption is a contributor to greenhouse gases and climate change. So once again I ask who are the extremists here? The lone soul rather stridently asking people not to harm life or damage the planet. Or the rabid anti-vegans who think it okay to make jokes about what the Nazis horrifically did to fellow human beings, to make jokes about whale skin etc when whales are endangered species. I saw the OP make no suggestions of violence to anyone. However, many of the other comments do allude to violence, such as that perpetrated by the NAZIs, who certainly were extremists.

I am not at either of these extremes, and I only ask people to reconsider whether it is acceptable to make these personal attacks on someone just because they believe it is wrong to harm other living creatures for our own benefit. It is a view that is at the extreme end of the spectrum, but it is not a violent or harmful view, quite the opposite in fact.

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