New camera choice D700??? or Canon 7D

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Trying to make the same decision

In somewhat of the same position as the OP, and I've been watching both threads. As canon users without 1d's, we've been asked to pick between action focus capability (7d) and image quality (5d). If you have varied photographic interests (BIF / Sports plus Landscape / Portrait / Indoor Performance), the best solution has been 2 bodies. The 5d's produced outstanding image quality, but didn't have a focus system to shoot fast action. The 7d now seems to have a significantly improved AF system (has to be better than the 50d, because in my case manual focusing with your eyes closed was better than AI Servo on my 50d), but with more noise.

From talking with people who've switched, the Nikon D700 seems to offer both for a price point at or below the 5Dii.

I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to sell most of my canon gear except the "irreplaceables" - the copies of lenses that I love that I know I couldn't replace easily - and wait until the spring.

If a 5diii comes out and maintains its IQ while beefing up the AF system, it would be a home run (probably kill a few 1D IV sales, but we think the same thing about the D700 / D3 relationship). Even if it did it with fewer megapixels, I think it would still be a better solution than increasing MP and disregarding the AF system quality.

If Canon doesn't respond to the D700 and Nikon brings a D700/x/s/900/800 and moves further ahead, I could see myself making the switch.

I'd like to be able to shoot my kids soccer games as well as their dance recitals and spring portraits with the same camera. And I don't care if the brand says Canon or Nikon.

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