Leica M9 battery life...?

Started Dec 28, 2009 | Discussions thread
OP Norwin Regular Member • Posts: 162
It wasn't the battery after all...

I don't believe the previous gentleman who posted to this thread read my last explanation about the battery.

It is NOT a battery problem. The problem appears to be a problem with the camera.

As we all know, Leica is the best camera in the world. And, it is lovingly manufactured with the most careful technicians on earth. However, there will always be that one off chance that even with the best technology, the best supervision, the most careful of controls in production - some thing can still go amiss. Or, be incorrectly wired. Or, some other technical issue occur.

Thus, what at first was believed to have been a battery problem - was not a battery problem.

Therefore, the issue I thought I had with what I thought was a battery problem ... should not have been posted onto another rangefind parish -

The subject new camera (and, working battery) is being lovingly returned to Leica and I am certain that once there it will receive Leica's immediate attention and that they will deal with whatever is the problem; and, that it shall be corrected in short order and returned to operate for the next one hundred years without any issue 'ever' reoccuring.


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