Let's play: you lose it all, except 1 lens on 1 body

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E620 plus the 14-42mm is for the time being good enough...(nt)

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Just imagine, on this Halloween night, that some kind of disaster struck and you simply lost (in a fire, theft or whatever) or you had to sell ALL of your current photo equipment.

Through some bizarre twist of fate, just 1 lens and 1 body could be saved from total disaster.
Luckily, you get to choose which ones you keep.

Please post your choice in a reply to this post. Make sure you put body and lens in the subject line, for easy browsing (and statistics if someone cares to make those).

If you want to, you can put your motivations in the body of the reply, but that is not really necessary. The idea is not to start a discussion on which choices are allegedly good or poor.

My choice is in the first reply (unless someone beats me).
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