Why has Sony abandoned Quick Navi in APS-C cameras?

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Re: Why has Sony abandoned Quick Navi in APS-C cameras?

Phixel wrote:

nonova wrote:

the A450/500/550 DO have their kind of "QUICK NAVI". You press the FN button (same as on the A700) and gain direct access to

Drive mode,
Flash mode,
AF mode,
AF area,
Face Detection,
Smile Shutter,
Metering mode,
Flash Comp,
Creative Style.

You select the itemwith the cursor and set the value with the front dial.
And that all overalyed to the live image!

Some questions.

  • Can you navigate on the LCD with the thumb pad controller on the back of the camera? (I noticed there is no "joy stick" controller anymore, which is a really nice feature on the a700.)

  • Can you get temporary center spot focus with one press of the control pad without going into the menus?

  • Is it possible to change a setting and adjust that setting also without pushing another button again or going back into the menus?

  • Are the hard buttons interactive with the LCD also like with Quick Navi?


As far as the A5xx series I will just say the following. I had a charged battery when my A500 arrived. I took the camera out of the box, put in a battery, a memory card, installed a lens, and just started to use it. I felt that within about 15 minutes I had the controls almost completely figured out. I have had it for a month and a half and I have rarely even bothered to open the users manual. The A5xx cameras are that easy to use. When you press the function button most of the common adjustments are all displayed. You use the control pad to navigate among the adjustments. What's more, once you select an item, a small window pops up and explains what the setting does. I don't know if this is as "elegant" as "quick navi" on the A700 but it is certainly very straight forward and easy to use.

The other thing is that the A700 is more customizable than the A5xx cameras.. Perhaps, with their somewhat limited image parameter adjustments, and the fact they are targeted to a different type of user, Sony figured a simplified menu system was the best way to go. If a users has any experience with photography they will have no trouble using or figuring out the A5xx cameras IMHO.

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