5D MKII really a problem for wedding photogs?

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Vince Pea wrote:

kristinkorpos wrote:

Wow, the Boutwells are like the rockstars of the wedding photog world which makes me wonder where have these people been that they don't know you?

I'm an aspiring wedding photographer that spends some time looking around the forums from time to time - not necessarily here - but I wanted some info on the new 1D mark iv and was wondering if people had taken receipt yet, and then came across this posting.

And...like I said - WOW - can't believe all the negativity that popped up here, it's really sad that people have to criticize...and the only thing I can suspect is that these are the very people that may be unhappy with certain aspects of their own lives...or maybe they have just always been meanies? Like...why can't we all just get along??? And...I know I am going to be told this is America and everyone is not only entitled to their own opinion, but also entitled to voicing it as loud as they wish to...right, heard that before....my answer is karma baby!

Anyway - to the Boutwells, glad you spoke up for yourselves, hopefully you're now long gone from this thread and have left if all behind you...I truly aspire to reach the heights that Chenin has with her career - and her skill - and her branding...and to Doug, keep rocking the actions man, your my hero - can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for LR!

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The simple answer is, and I will quote Neil Gaiman, "The children and the fool will always be so eager to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the emperor remains an emperor, and the fool, a fool." And apparently, this thread has attracted all sorts of fools and trolls.

I'm actually kinda surprised. I've been a crop owner for quite some time and have recently started reading these forums since acquiring a 5D. Several weeks ago someone on the 1D forums posted that it was a joke reading the xxD forums. Does not seem much different here. Good info but you still have to go through this from time to time.

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The solution is always simple. Getting there is the hard part.

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