New camera choice D700??? or Canon 7D

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New camera choice D700??? or Canon 7D

Hi all,

Yes I know, a though decision and a Canon/Nikon debate but just based on my current situation.

I currently still have a old Canon 20D and the Canon 17-40 f/4, Canon 100-400 IS and Sigma 150mm 2.8 Macro lens. I'm planning to buy a new body but just can't make up my mind what to do.

I love the pictures of the D700 that I've seen. I somehow find them having a 3D look, it's hard to explain. I've seen that on the Canon 5d as well so I'm suspecting it has something to do with the FF sensor. Nevertheless the D700 has been around for some time and there are rumors that an upgrade is on its way. If I go the Nikon route it obviously means I will need to sell the few lenses I've got. But I love the low light shots of the D700.

Canon 5d Mark II, think I'll find the D700 a more complete camera with much better AF.

The Canon 7D is another contender since it's been out only very shortly and therefore has all the latest technology. Not full frame though unfortunately, but for the rest, excellent specs. And... a nice to have, better video then the Nikon camera's. I do have a slight preference for FF.

The 14-24 and 24-70 are absolutely stunning lenses in the Nikon line up but the 85 1.2, 135 2.0 and 50 1.2 are unequaled and Nikon has no alternative for them.

I shoot all sorts, from people, landscapes to wildlife (birds etc).

  • Should I go for the Canon 7D and then buy the 5d Mark III as second body when it comes out or

  • Shall I buy the D700, sell my current lenses and buy the Nikkon 24-70 and maybe 70-200. Or should I go for a used D3??? But I've heard that the image quality of the D700 is even slightly better then the D3?

  • Shall I wait until the D800/D900 comes out??

Last but not least, how does the 7D pictures compare to the D700?? Has anyone compared them in detail?

I don't want to start a huge Canon/Nikon debate, I'm just curious about your thoughts and advise.

Thanks a lot

Btw, I've posted the same thread on the Nikon forum to see the views there.

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