Panasonic GF2 wishlist

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Re: Panasonic GF2 wishlist

An extra 5mm thickness for a tilt swivel does little in making this camera less discreet than it is. Having this variant is not unthinkable.

As for the EVF, there is too-little room. I agree, I don't see that possible without reducing the size of the screen

But for what ever my opinion is worth, there is enough room for more than 2 form factors. Sony seems to think so with their increasingly confusing line of entry level SLRs...

Oh, I can admit it, I want a GH2

Jed Perkins wrote:

Sounds like you want ... a GH1! Seriously, some of those things that you ask for would completely destroy what makes the GF1 special. If you add the GH1 viewfinder and tilt Screen you don't have a GF1 any longer.

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