Leica M9 battery life...?

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Re: Battery problems ?

Dear New Leica Friends,

I guess in every miracle photograph whch we snap a shutter upon - there is always something which we wish might not have appeared or could be simply removed or somehow fixed.

Thus, I honestly thought the problem of my new camera's rapidly discharging power I was having with my new M9 was due to the battery.

However, yesterday a friend allowed me to exchange his newly charged new M9 battery with my questionable M9 battery in order to determine whether it was, indeed, the battery or whether it was the camera itself that is the problem.

This morning to my dismay and sorrow, when turning the camera on - the display again signaled a low battery. Thus, since yesterday, less than 24 hours since installing the new battery and with the camera in 'off position' the battery was indicating that the battery again had discharged.

Indeed, I am 'gutted' this morning as since first receiving my M9, I have wanted to begin to use my new M9, but each time found when I wanted to take it for a photo session it was dead...or, unuseable and in need of charging, that I find I will now need return the camera to Leica for repair.

As David above wrote about his once in a ga'zillion battery cord requiring replacement. I probably have the one in a ga'zillion M9's which had to have some electrical failure which immediately discharges the battery...

...darn that hurts!

However, if it is only one in a ga'zillion, let's hope so!

With my respects to Leica...

I remain


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