Why is D90 betten then D300s at DxOMark Sensor test?

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Re: What makes you think...

cluna wrote:

DStan wrote:

What makes you think their software is any good. I've used their RAW conversion software and IMO it stinks and was buggy. Scientific, IMO not in this case. Not all programs function correctly or consistently.

Im the one also questioning the result So what make you think I think the test is accurate ...

I guess then we're on the same page. I was very disappointed by their RAW conversion software and have a weak confidence in anything that they may do. I based my assumption of your position on the test's accuracy by the below posts:

I doubt if the difference in IQ between a D90 and D300(s) is substantial. I would think one gets a D300 for its durability and features. Things like AF performance and configuration and so on. I've gone from a D70 (when it first came out) to a D80 and then a D300. I've kept my D70, even though I haven't used it in years, nostalgia I guess, it was the first Digital camera that I actually enjoyed using that was affordable.
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