Why is D90 betten then D300s at DxOMark Sensor test?

Started Jan 4, 2010 | Discussions thread
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What makes you think...

cluna wrote:

joseph costa wrote:

newer doesn't necessarily mean better. also, the d90 is based off the original D300. the fact that the d90 had the ability to shoot HD video first, many reviewers look at the value of the product. is the d300s ultimately better than the d90, yes...but there is a big cost difference.

DXO is not a review in the traditional sense..it excludes bias and quantifies in a scientific manor.

What makes you think their software is any good. I've used their RAW conversion software and IMO it stinks and was buggy. Scientific, IMO not in this case. Not all programs function correctly or consistently.
Stan ;o()

In the spirit of Occam’s Razor one should embrace the less complicated formulation or simply put, less is more.

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