Fan boys, Why is Canon numero uno?

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Re: Fan boys, Why is Canon numero uno?

I like the suggestion of posting this in the Nikon forum. They will be able to give you the answer.

Personally I think this post is irrelevant. Buying one or the other brand doesn't make you a better photographer. Technology comes in jumps and at any given time one or the other brand is perceived to have a better camera. There is no company that has better cameras over its entire range.

Different photographers have different needs and are served better by a certain brand and that is why they buy it. Doesn't mean it is better overal.

Is it the price?

Price is not important. It doesn't make a camera better.

Is it the system's lenses that's well spread from the cheapo to the ill affordable?

Same as the above.

Is it the intuitive/user friendly design?

Yes, because of the direct print button.

Is it the marketing? (More MPs is good for you )


Is it the support?

Well experiences differ so I don't think so.

Is it a combination of the factors above?


Is it a combination of other factors not mentioned above?


What is that makes Canon click?

It's me. The camera on its own just sits on the shelf doing nothing.

It is what you do with it that makes the camera good irrespective what brand you use.
So why is Canon numero uno? Well is it? I don't know.

PS. I'm a Canon user, not a fanboy. Maybe fanboys think differently about this.

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