Recommended wide-angle for APS-H

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Re: Recommended wide-angle for APS-H

range wise 14-24 would not be a big improvement for APS-H/1D users, most would argue it would be a loss of 11mm on the long end to gain 2mm. A rather bad tradeoff in and of itself

16-35 ~ 20-44mm
14-24 ~ 18-31mm

20mm vs 18mm is moot. nevemind you have that 14L canon sells

now if it's optically different or improved that is another issue but the 16-35 is somewhat over-maligned but fantastic on the 1D3 (and no doubt 1D4)

badmi wrote:

Thanks a lot for the many useful information.

Up to now, I was renting a 16-35 on my 5D Mark II (sold my 5D I), and that's an angle I really like. So quite difficult to find something matching this on APS-H.

If the rumours about an EF 14-24 are true, that would be really a nice range, although I guess that this would be more expensive than the 16-35.

Thanks and regards, René

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