Leica M9 battery life...?

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Re: Leica M9 battery life...?


I had the same experience, but it was resolved when I realized my problem. naturally I do not know if this is what is happening to you, but it might be something similar.

Going to work in the morning I normally jam the M9 in a pocket on my backpack, at work I would pull it out and find it dead, at first I did not really think about it, just grabbed a fresh battery and got on with it... then I got bothered, wondering what was going on after a few times..

Well, in this case, when I switched from 8 to 9 the 50mm became more popular, and it fit tighter in the pocket.. a lot tighter... it turns out that I frequently managed to turn the power switch when stuffing the camera (its a very tight back not made for cameras) and sitting there the shutter would be depressed draining the battery.

Solution, check to make sure its turned off after stuffing it. have not had a dead battery since then.

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