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Re: F70 HDR

Rombo wrote:

Great shot!

Thanks Michael.

We could probably avoid misunderstandings by just saying that the image has been tone mapped.

OK tone mapped it is then.

Using this technique works great on images shot in DR mode especially those that appear a bit flat due to low out of camera contrast.

Until they make a camera that can reproduce a scene as the eye see's it I feel I will be doing it for a while.

So I only do 3 shots if the contrast is really extreme or if I have time and tripod.

I did like the function in my old S100fs where it would bracket 3 shots at the press of the shutter.

Do you see an extra benefit in using two extra software created images, Paul ? Or does Photmatrix require this (I use easyHDR which does not) ?

I do, although you do need 3 exposures to use Photomatix, unless I have missed something! I will have a look at EasyHDR, thanks.



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