7D took a little tumble - thoughts?

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Test - if everything is fine, don't worry

I've had xxD bodies drop from similar heights onto harder surfaces with no ill effects. In each case an L lens was attached. I would be more worried about a 50 f/1.4, but I wouldn't obsess over it. Shoot a brick wall or something to verify that your 50 f/1.4 is not out of alignment. You'll have to stop down because that lens is not sharp corner to corner wide open any way. If it's as sharp as you expect, you're fine. If not, a lens element might have shifted, and Canon can fix that.

If you all of a sudden notice that all of your lenses no longer seem sharp corner to corner, the mirror box may be out of alignment. Canon can fix that to.

Again, verify, but don't obsess. You're more than likely fine. The 7D in particular is a magnesium brick. It's built to last.

tara lc wrote:

Hey all... I am usually extremely careful with my gear and have never really had an 'incident' like this in the past, so I was hoping to get a few opinions...

Dear hubby picked up my new 7D off a fairly low table (coffee-table height), and it jumped out of his hand and took a bit of a tumble to the floor, which had a rug on it, but it whacked once on the table first before rolling across the rug a couple times. I was in SHOCK!! However, it was also dear hubby that got me the camera, so I remained speechless.

My question is - how durable are these bodies and do you think any harm was caused? It seems fine, but I'm still worried. My 50 1.4 was mounted on the body w/ lens hood attached, and from what I can tell it didn't get knocked out of alignment but I suppose more tests are in order...

Thanks in advance...

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