Accuracy of focus points - D300s

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Re: Accuracy of focus points - D300s

delmore wrote:

I'm currently a Pentax user (k20d), and use the Pentax for a bit of paid work. I use the center focus point since it's the most accurate. When shooting subjects at a microphone, I lock in on the forehead - top of the head - as far from the microphone as possible, and the camera consistently chooses the microphone or other object closer to the subject, even when the focus point is 6 inches away. In this example I am standing a little over 10 feet from the subject, 77mm prime lens f/1.8. Sometimes I get lucky, but get frequent FF (the focus on the microphone, not the eyes/head of subject). I sometimes have the luxury of time to use manual focus to compensate. Also, the camera/lens combo are accurately calibrated. No FF problem other than the one mentioned.

My question - is this the nature of the beast for all DSLR AF systems? Would I see a significant improvement with a D300s?


I'm one who switched from Pentax to Nikon precisely for that reason and I'm very happy. Pentax AF sensors were too large and often chose something I would not want to be in focus. To be fair I had the k10d and it is said that the Pentax K7 is much better in AF.

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