Experienced D-90 owners...what works best for you now???

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Experienced D-90 owners...what works best for you now???

What have been the biggest discoveries that have led to getting the pictures that you want? What lens do you like the most?

My D-90 and SB-900 are "relatively" new.

-I find that putting the sharpening control on 5 seems about right.

-Many times the "auto" mode is my best bet...especially when using the flash. It is just the most predictable.

-I mostly use "standard" +1 saturation.

-The landscape mode gives great outdoor pictures.

  • My 18-200VR lens and I have a love/hate relationship. Maybe should have bought a Nikon 17-55mm F2.8 AF-S INSTEAD?

-I love my Nikon 35-70mm f2.8. My best pictures have been with ths lens. Too bad it is a 50mm-105mm on the D-90...no wide angle here. Oh, well...keeping for the eventual Fx.

-The Nikon 50mm 1.8 does very well in low light.

-Developing with Shutterfly is outstanding...anything better?

-I have found RAW to provide a difference ..be it somewhat marginal.

-I do at times use the "P" "S" "A" and "M" modes. "Auto" for me with flash seems best. It just knows to let some ambient light in (higher ISO of 800) and give a more pleasing picture.

-I understand there is a frimware upgrade possibly coming to fine tune the ISO...I believe this may be needed. Pictures come out a tad underexposed...not 0.3 but perhaps more like 0.2. Talked to Nikon about this and they confirmed my suspicions.

These have been my initial findings...what are yours?

What would you change in what i am doing?

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