How is a moderately priced high MP, HD video, FX Nikon even possible?

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Re: How is a moderately priced high MP, HD video, FX Nikon even possible?

ScottMac wrote:

I know what people here have said but it doesn't seem possible to me. What does seem possible is a 5k to 6k 18 MP with HD video, or nothing new at all with 18 or 21 or 24 MP from Nikon this year.

It has video and the price will be competitive, that does not mean that the price will not be a little higher than 5D Mark II in relation to it's features and functionality. My expectations is that when calculated back from Yen and keeping the price diffrence in mind, a retail price of 2500 Euros.

Take the Canon 1DM4 for example, it's 16.1 MP, 1080 HD 24P video and very high iso ability and 10 fps; it's $5,000. So tell me, how is Nikon going to release an 18 MP (or more) with 1080 or even 720 HD video, high iso ability and 10 fps for less than that? If anything, Nikon is always more expensive than Canon, so if Nikon releases that spec early in the year, get ready for $6,000.

That camera is aimed at a whole different part of the market. It is better to look at the 5D Mark II.

Can Nikon put a D3X sensor in a D700 body with no video and no other improvements, just a D3X sensor in a D700 body and call it a D700X and sell it for a moderate price, something under $4,000?

I think they can, and I think they will sell quite a lot of it as well but than they will miss a large part of the market as well. Besides Nikon mentioned that the sensor is specifically made and designed for the D3X. With all the respect for the image quality of the D3X, it is not suited for the average user in mind (and I do not mean the level of profesionalism with it) purely looking at it's specifications

I don't know, would you want that, no video and no high iso ability of the D3s? Would a lot of people want that? Would anyone buy a D3X ever again if a D700X was half the price? I doubt it. I have to say, at this late date, sticking a D3X sensor in a D700 without video I think would turn people off to Nikon, I think it would be a step backwards.

The high iso quality is becoming almost a standard...look at all the reviews and impressions, starting debates about the quality of iso 1600 and iso 3200 are no exception. and video is indeed almost a necessasity.

So, here's the question, how does Nikon make a moderately priced high MP camera with HD video now?

Well, they have it already what is there to make it, no explanation needed.

I know some of you have said, make the high iso inferior to the D3s, and make the MP a little less than the D3X? Well, that seems backwards thinking to me also, what else are you going to say, make the HD video lower quality then the D3s also? That makes no sense.

I think it will be pretty well similar.

.... I hate to think that they would lower the price of the D3X to $6,000 and then put 1080 HD video in a new D3X and sell it for $8,000, I don't even want to go there.

They neither!

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