The Year 2009 in (nikon) Pictures

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Re: The Year 2009 in (nikon) Pictures

Hi Lucas,

Yes, some impressive and touching photos' were chosen for sure by those papers.

I'm surprised to see one of the images of the attack on the bus of the Queen during Queensday as well in the Boston Globe selection.

Lets hope 2010 will be at least more peaceful. It will be a very promising year for photography (equipment) for sure!

My connection where I get stock & product information of is not directly working for Nikon.

The only update I can give is that there are new Nikon item numbers added to their system. The D700 is still available for them to order (it is a question I ask every week) I mentioned before, the order status changed however.

Follow up of D700 (D800) for February and 2 new lenses for February as well. Expect however at least 3 new prime lenses and 2 new zoom lenses. There are 2 prime lenses not ordable anymore for them, he expects them to be replaced this year.


Omega86 wrote:

Thx for the link! Quite some awesome shots.

Gr. Lucas

P.S.> Michel, don't forget to update us on the conversations with your "Nikon-connection" on Sunday (read it somewhere on this forum) :p.

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