I am not leaving Pentax, neither am I getting the K-x.

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Re: I have a K10 and I'm not going anywhere :)

I remember the old days, if you didn't have any fast film, you would push it a little and be happy if you got a good usable shot. It seems to me that there are so many things that make a picture crappy or good, a little noise (grain) is immaterial almost. I see pictures that are, for a practical uses, smooth as a baby's bottom, and the photographer is comparing tiny crap to tiny crap.

When we have a camera with a sensor that has a 12 stop dynamic range, now that will make a difference! Half the size and weight of my K10D and lenses, of course.

Some of the great pictures I have seen have had grain the size of baseballs and some of the poorest pics I have seen are sharp, smooth and grain free. I'd really like to see more discussion of how to control what we've got, and what you did to get that fabulous shot! Most of my bad pictures are due to my lack of preparation, patience, understanding of my camera, and, most of all inability to see. I still have fun with my cameras, I am a techy by nature, but we (me included) have to remember what the tool is for.
Lord help me to consistently follow my own advice.

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