I am not leaving Pentax, neither am I getting the K-x.

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Re: I am not leaving Pentax, neither am I getting the K-x.

pcarfan wrote:

I am a happy owner of the K-7, but I know it's limitations and prowess. Prior to purchasing the K-7 I thoroughly examined the offerings (Both APS-C and FF) from Canon, Nikon and Sony and at the end purchased the K-7 as it suited my needs better. The main deciding factors in favor of Pentax was having SR for every lens and the size of their lenses and the feature laden camera.

I too am a happy owner of the K-7! Like any tool, you have to realize its strengths and its limitations!

In recent days high iso performance has been the craze, and more specifically jpeg high iso performance. I shoot RAW and I have been quite happy with the K-7 shooting up to iso 1600 without any problems. Then I started seeing these wonderful high iso jpeg images takn with the K-x, and even some iso 6400 images looked promising. I've been critically evaluating as many K-x images as I can to evaluate it's performance and I would give it a 1 to 1.5 stop advantage over the K-7.

Certainly the K-x has that advantage above ISO 1600 but one must note that it too has limitations. So what to do! Own both? Some might but for the shooting I do below ISO 800 and shooting RAW I am happy! I can't get all exercised over a little noise...I didn't mind the grain in Tri-X film shots and I don't mind what little noise I have been getting in the shadows at 800.

I don't yearn for everything new nor for what is better in pixel peeping, but base my decisions on what is best for my needs, and the K-7 wasn't cutting it.

I thought so too awhile back but I have since discovered what you write about here and now I am satisfied that my needs, at least, are being met by one of the best photographic tools around today.

Came home late last night and tried to put systems together in Sony, Nikon and Canon and again I could not put together anything even closely resembling my kit for speed, size, SR and price, not even close. But, then I thought I could sacrifice the size for better high iso and better AF with other systems, or get the K-x. Leaning more towards the K-x, and went to bed.

Then I woke up this morning and uploaded those few shots that I took into LR, and then went into the develop module and clicked on an iso 1600 image. I saw the 'loading...' sign., and the image looked exactly like how it was in my LCD, and then it finished loading, and whola! the image transformed into an absolutely stunning image with no discernible nosie, and I could not believe my eyes. I did not even need any NR as it looked fantastic at iso 1600. Just the default NR protocol in LR applied to the RAW file was sufficient. Then I remembered taking an available light shot at 1600 and then a flash shot of the same scene to show my brother how much better the flash shot was....now, in LR the non-flash shot looked much much better. Then I opened an iso 3200 image, and that showed some noise but looked much better than on the LCD, so I ran it through Noiseware and whola! a clean image with lots and lots of detail. Fully usable. So, my iso 1600's were usable with just the default LR NR, and even iso 3200 images with NR. Yes, the dark noise is there and is disturbing when dark areas are brightened, and that can be an issue if underexposed and recovered. But, iso 1600 and iso3200 very fully usable with little NR and thanks to detail that was left, the image still looked non-plasticy.

Then it became clear to me, that I also, very briefly fell into this irrational exuberance that is plaguing these forums recently.

Again I am the same and I allowed myself to swept up by the mania for a bit until I gave my head a shake!

Comparing the K-7 to the competition.....Yes, the K-x is better in high iso...Yes, the Nikons and Canon's still have better AF,...Yes, the Nikon flash system is much better refined...but, none of these will give me the system that I currently have. The k-x will give me better high iso, but for what ? and at what cost ?, no thank you, I can use iso 1600 with the K-7 and iso 3200 in a pinch, why carry another camera and give up on other features, or why buy a different system and give up on size, SR, money etc that I hold dear, especially when the K-7 delivers everything I need.

I am one of those very few who are happy with Pentax, and that too with the k-7, and that too for high iso shots (oh! the abomination) , so I am staying put. I don't know how I am going to spend the $1k that is coming to me soon, but I know it's not in changing systems, and I am fairly certain it will not be for the K-x, and that DA15/4 is calling my name.......

I have no need to change systems willy-nilly...I will keep the K-7 and when its improved model comes out, I will get it too and so have a fine back-up camera as well as the newest super-duper tool I know Pentax will come up with next!

Thanks for your sane and intelligent tract! It is a welcome change from the those writings fraught with angst.
All the very best

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