I am not leaving Pentax, neither am I getting the K-x.

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Re: I am not leaving Pentax, neither am I getting the K-x.

soheil wrote:

Thanks for your very realistic post. As a K7 owner who usually won't go above iso 400, I was a bit annoyed by the recent posts about high iso noise. Your post was a very relieving one and by no means anybody should think you're referring to them as nosense stupids.

Do you think I should go for LR or do you have similar results with other programs?

You are welcome....as far as someone coming to conclusions on me calling them 'stupid', all I have to say is, it would not surprise me if someone concludes that my post was squarely aimed at proving the existence of the Abominable Snow Man and trying to argue against it....I've seen far worse things on the net.

I like LR for the interface and ease of use. The weakest point of the program is it's NR. Apparently the next version is going to improve on that ( at least that's what i hear from the beta testers).

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