I am not leaving Pentax, neither am I getting the K-x.

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Re: I am not leaving Pentax, neither am I getting the K-x.

Nice post, it would be even more interesting if you posted the photo you're referring to.

I totally agree that this forum has become a little (well...more than a little) high ISO crazy lately. I guess I understand enjoying something that a Pentax camera does well, but it seems that so many have forgotten about the fact that high ISO performance is only one small part of a puzzle of owning a camera that best meets your needs. I'd much prefer to own a camera that has all of the features and controls that the K-7 has.

Things go in waves, it will settle down soon, and anyway, good for Pentax in creating an affordable well performing camera. If people in the U.S. could see it and buy it in stores, it would sell all that much better.

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