OT: Why no Prosumer HDD Camcorders ?

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Re: OT: Why no Prosumer HDD Camcorders ?

I've had several camcorders since the 80's and the last "real" one I purchased in 2006 was a Sony HDR-HC3 that records on mini-DV tape. I've been out of the loop on current offerings, to some extent, but folks at work have since bought tape-less cameras. I asked where they store their video, and haven't gotten what I consider a good answer. My DV tapes won't last forever, but I have tens to a hundred or more hours of video that would take many many gigs of HDD storage. With terrabyte drives available now, I think it's conceivable to drop tape, but the long term storage cost is still pretty high (and fragile).

The point-n-shoot cameras I've over the years have had VGA video, and I've been very frugal when recording to keep my 80 gigs worth of photos and videos from growing exponentially. Since I just bought a 5DII that cranks out great HD video, and got a Kodak ZI6 for a Christmas gift (not bad for $99), I'm going to have to start dealing with the storage issue. Also, a dual core PC is necessary to play the damn files in real time.

By the way, hard drives are on their way out. Everything's moving to flash memory now.

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