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Re: 5700 7i shootout gallery

sudeep R kottilingal wrote:

I'm just an amateur and the author of the photos poses as a pro. If so he could take more care to balance exposures when he makes comparisons. In the first set the Minolta is the underexposed one. When underexposed, a photo's signal to noise ratio is worse and the noise shows more. You can verify that fact in the second set where it is the 5700 that is under exposed and is noisier as can be seen on the walls. You should also be able to notice the reddish tint of that noise : that a characteristic of the Nikons. The noise on the Minolta is more balance, hence more filmlike.

Look at the picture of the suspended bridge : notice how the noise on the 5700 shot has been evened by the in-camera processing. Now look at the cables and see how much more noise there is all of a sudden on them. That's what you'll get with unintelligent in-camera noise reduction.

It is your choice. Up to 13x19 prints, on properly exposed shots, the Dimage7xx noise doesn't matter whatsoever. Beyond that you'll have to become a little more fluent in PhotoShop but 20 X 30 are possible. With the 5700 the choices are way more limited which just may fit the bill for you.


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