improve your image quality : 1. take away the filter + 2. attach a lens hood during

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Re: More pro suggestions

This is not a forum for baby talk, take your babblings elsewhere.

s2prouser wrote:

just to disappoint u,

i ask such basic questions,

because i really like to know if there's anything i should know, which i miss out in my foundation training and experience.

i believe

1. one never knows everything

2. always build and ensure and re-ensure good basics, because it's the wrong assumption one makes from the start that cracks the whole building.

and i get paid for every snap i click.

so i think again, when hobbyists with a rude attitude click a post button to feedback some questions with answers in a rude manner.

take the Q

in real life, i am not open to rude pricks

in cyberspace, same.

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