Congratulations Cephalotus, the source of EVIL!

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it won't fly.

This word might float around the circles of photo forum nuts, but it'll never fly as a term or acronym that is adopted by manufacturers and pushed out to the general consumer. EVIL is about as favorable an acronym as UGLY or BAD or ASS to describe a consumer product or feature. "Hey, folks, check out this new ASS camera!"

By the way, when I Google the term "dog poopie", it turns up 565,000 hits.

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

The best I could do with dpReview's search shows that Cephalotus coined the acronym EVIL - Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens on December 31, 2005.

In response to yet another of those "what do we call the G1" threads, I took a look at how common the term has become.

A simple Google for "EVIL Panasonic G1" turns up 66.200 hits.

The first page of results includes sites like:,,,, and

The G1 was announced September 12, 2008, or 180 days ago. That means that just in discussing the G1, every four minutes (on the average) someone uses your acronym when discussing the G1.

It's been used thousands of times on dpReview.

Even dpReview staff use the term.

How does it feel to have named something, to create a term that will live throughout the photographic community for many years?

Again, congratulations!

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