Grain in viewfinder?

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Re: Grain in viewfinder?

I have the same issue on my 7D and its pretty annoying. I vaguely remember not seeing this when I first used my 7D. I feel I might have since changed some setting that makes the viewfinder grain more prominent. I would also appreciate any options that can make this better.

hatfieldnate wrote:

So I just took my camera out into the bright sun for the first time since I got it last week. Looking through the viewfinder I'm seeing a TON of grain. Looking at the sky almost makes it look covered in blue sand. I'm not sure how else to describe it. I checked the lens (28-135mm) and didn't see anything on it, or on the mirror in the camera. I was at 5.6f-stop, ISO set at 100/200, varying shutter speeds, and it didn't seem to change. Is this normal, or do I have something set wrong, or what? I can't check out the images on a PC until after work, so I can't say what their quality is like.

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