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Much to my surprise I recently found myself using the viewfinder fairly successfully. But it is really only useful in limited circumstances when the following conditions are combined:

1. When using a relatively small aperture and landscape type subjects so that the actual point of focus is less critical

2. When totally accurate framing isn't critical (while the lens does obscure the viewfinder slightly at some focal lengths it isn't too bad and you have to bear in mind the coverage of the viewfinder is a good deal less than 100 per cent of the shot

3. When visibility of the lcd screen is reduced eg by very bright sunlight (while the lcd is good and the fact that it can be tilted to reduce glare helps it isn't brilliant with lots of glare such as with sun off sand or snow or water); or by the photographer having mislaid her reading glasses, in which case the diopter adjustment on the view finder helps her to see the image when otherwise the camera would be unusable as the screen is just too blurry without glasses...
Some of the least worse of my photos:

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