Adobe RGB colorspace of little use

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Re: Evidentially no one here prints their own LF

I think we're basically describing the same thing. Perhaps I shorthanded my description a little.

For example, I use aRGB color space to edit in because it is a wider space than sRGB; that and HP suggested that space for sending files to the DJ130. But when editing I also assign a custom Proof setup in photoshop that approximates the "look" of my printed output based on the ICC profile for the paper/ink I am using.

Depending on the rendering intent I select in the custom proof setup (perceptual, relative, saturation, etc.) I can see subtle differences in the file on screen, differences I use to edit the file for print. (I should mention that I have a LaCie 321 LCD that's calibrated to match my printed output). This is what is being refered to when selecting 'manage by application' under color management in the print set up. You are correct that Adobe will use black point compensation with whatever colorspace and/or printer profile is selected. I was vague there.

Getting back to HP's self calibration system for this printer, the test print it produces on the media of choice that is in turn scanned by the printer is just an attempt to zero out individual printers to meet OEM specifications. This calibration process does not produce a printer ICC profile, it simply zeros out the printer to be neutral or 'accurate' if you will.
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