K10D firmware 1.3 & debug mode

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K10D firmware 1.3 & debug mode

Hi folks, wonder if someone who has done this could help me out here...

I see there is a bit of russian software to enable the debug mode via usb cable for firmware 1.3

Q1) can you leave it in debug mode so that you can make focus adjustments in the field i.e. if different lenses require different um adjustment. This thread link : http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1036&message=27876049 thinks yes, could someone confirm it for me please

IIRC there was a hack (with hex editor ??) which could be done to 1.3 to fool it into thinking it was 1.1 so debug mode could be accessed. ?

Unfortunately I have no links stored on my PC for this, please could someone be kind enough to point me at the right thread ?

Q2) In the thread below there is debate about the filename which doesn't seem to be resolved, I think the offered download is 1.1 with debug mode enabled, but hacked to fool into thinking it's 1.3 ? - sorry I'm easily confused !


Q3) is there any way to have debug mode enabled in the field with firmware 1.3, my understanding is no


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