S90 versus 9 year old Canon S100

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Re: Worse compared to what?

first of all it pretty obvious that 1st image is too dark, and second thing that must be pretty obvious to S90 owners is that YOU NEED to make changes in My Colors.

To me, this, plus the plethora of "just don't use auto, you shouldn't use auto, etc" comments is a very clear indication that "auto" mode could definitely use some improvement. Once someone says "don't use this feature" that says there's something wrong with it.

I would agree with the other poster than the s90 has features anyone, including a beginner who doesn't care to learn advanced controls, could benefit from. I don't agree with the snobbery about "if you don't want to use manual controls, buy a cheaper camera". But it also sounds like some firmware changes would make it a much nicer novice/snapshot camera.

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