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What if no noise removal plug-in?

The typical workflow for noise removal (or reduction) will apply one filter as soon as possible to the image - usually it means at the first stage when you open your image into an application like Adobe Photoshop. The image will be at RGB format, usually.

One forgot thing is that image has a lot of avoidable noise. As most cameras have a Bayer mosaic image sensor, it means each RGB pixel has only one actual color component and the other two are calculated over the neigbour pixels, introducing as well their noise!

The best noise removal or reduction is made into the original raw image, before the demosaicing. Most of raw converter will do that. Nikon Capture NX2 and DxO make it, but I think Adobe Camera RAW and most of raw converter providers will do that also.

From my tests, DxO is the leader in the pack for noise removal. Usually I do not need any additional noise removal when processing the file into Photoshop - if needed I have Noise Ninja where I set their parammeters to fit the specific needs of the image.

Bottom line: shot raw and consider noise removal at the development stage.


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