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Re: TopazLabs Denoise

CaseyJ wrote:

I have tried them all, Neat Image, Noise Ninja, Picture Cooler, etc, and the only one I would pay for (and have paid for) is TopazLabs Denoise. Slow but the very best of the lot in my humble opinion.


Yes it´s the best in companion with the lesser known Boundary Noise Reduction.

The key factors for best NR results:

1) Use a dcraw based raw converter that gives you the best S/N ratio,

2) In the NR software: Keep the detail sliders at 100%,

3) Use surface masks or layer masking with brushing,

4) Be careful - watch out for losses of colour and detail and introduction of artefacts,

5) Combine with gentle sharpening using Topaz Detail, High-Pass Sharpening (radius 0,2 or 0,3) and Focal blade (edges).

If you want even better results you should learn to use Photoacute where you combine several images to one single file with lower amounts of noise and better detail.

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