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Re: Sorry Suvi ...

Ed: Suvi already told in her reply most of the things I would have told, but I want to say my thanks too; both for your trust in my words and also acknowledging my photos

One reason I have not linked my web site to Dpreview and use another name here is that I have a large photo blog (or diary) with quite a lot of visitors and hundreds of friends all around the world. They all are reasonable people, but still I want to avoid a situation where they would vote me on this site because they happen to know me. As discussed in an earlier thread, I strongly support full anonymity until the voting ends. Then we would get votes based on the images, not on some external issue such as the camera or personality of the photographer.

Although it is of course nice to get a good result in the voting winning is not the main thing here for me. Every now and then I try to see people's reactions to somewhat different interpretation of the theme knowing that I cannot win, and often I surprise of the results - sometimes positively, sometimes negatively, but it is a learning process anyway...

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