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Re: which noise reduction sw can plunin NX2?

Coraggio wrote:

My work flow is pretty rely on NX2, and its noise reduction is not so satisified due to loose many details. Any of the recommendation above that can plug-in for NX2?


I found that to be the problem with noise reduction software and NX raw workflow. Normally you should use NR at the beginning of your work flow. I never liked NX noise reduction and all the other ones are either standalones or Photoshop plug-ins. Therefore if your using NX or NX2 with a thrid party NR software, the workflow becomes alot heavier than what it could be.

I use Noiseware after comparing free evaluation versions of the usual suspects (Noise Ninja, Neat Image, Nik Define). I suggest you try them for yourself as I found that there's a degree of subjectivity in what we consider good NR.

BTW, at the time, I hadn't heard of Topaz Denoise. I'm trying it right now. So far, I found it to be pretty good. I think it beats Noiseware in most of the images I tried with it so far but the differences are mostly subtle and as others have said, processing time is noticeably longer and this on a i7 quad core machine with 12GB of memory.

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