24-105 or 28-135mm on 500D body?

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Re: 24-105 or 28-135mm on 500D body?

hiki08 wrote:

Thanks everyone for your comments!

I've decided on the 15-85mm lense - which seems to be a good balance between price, quality and focal length range. The 500D being a 1.6x crop, 28mm doesn't seem quite wide enough, and the 24-105mm seems a bit of an overkill on a 500D body (plus it's more expensive than 15-85). Reading that image quality on the 15-85 is almost on par with the 24-105, and is plagued only by CA and vignetting (both of which can, apparently, be corrected quite a bit on DPP) I'll give the lense a go.

Hopefully I'll get it by mid-Jan when I find the right price

Would you mind directing me to the link where you read that the image quality of the 15-85 is on par with the 24-105?


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