Another high ISO myth broken!

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Re: Another high ISO myth broken!


Agreed. The only problem with the K20D was the banding that was found on a few samples. But the 14.6 Mpix CMOS Samsung sensor did pretty much as good as the Sony 12 Mpix CMOS, despite a higher photosite count. When the Nikon D300 came in, it took back the lead, thanks to a very fine approach to noise reduction (remove more chroma noise, keep more luminance noise), which was a bit better to the Pentax approh, at least regarding my own taste (too much chroma noise on the K20D IMHO).

How could have Nikon D300 taken back the lead? D300 is at least 6 months older than K20D. D300 was announced in August 2007, and A700 with the same sensor, in Sept 2007. K20 was anounced in January 2008. If D300 was the leader, it could not have taken back that lead from K20, given D300 is older.

The fact is that Sony's 12 Mpix CMOS was always better but Pentax users, like you, probably never admitted it till now when a Pentax DSLR has it too in Kx.

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